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Jacqueline Chmiel
Beaded Bling


27216 Buckskin Trail
Harbeson, DE 19951



Artist Statement

Making lampwork beads is key to the secret garden. From the beginning, transforming rods of glass into beautiful beads is magical to me. Over the last three years, this magical process transformed me from a hobbyist to an artist. Making beads fills me with a sense of accomplishment and integrity and has given me the vehicle to transform my inner thoughts into outer beauty. Although I work consciously employing lampwork beading techniques, my unconscious mind is the manager of my creativity. Unless I have a pattern in mind, many times I don't know how the bead will look when completed. It takes a very steady hand and an eye for creativity that make these beads so beautiful. As I sell my beads I am in awe how much people admire my works of art. I sometimes use silver beads as spacers as well as Swarofsky crystals to complete the earings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and watch bands.





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