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Paula Camenzind


200 Old Oak Road
Newark, DE 19711




Artist Statement

Study of variations of the bulbous form.

The form, itself, is primary and the surface decoration should enhance the form.

Timeless, elegant forms with a surface that needs to be caressed—that is the goal of my art in clay.

Because the form of the pot is primary, the surface decoration should enhance the form. My sense of aesthetic is grounded in the works of the ancient Chinese. My inspiration for surface decoration can come from anywhere, including water and gas puddles at the gas station, volcanoes, and the things I pick up walking on the beach, multicolored jingle shells, sea glass and coral.

The pieces are either porcelain or stoneware thrown on a potter's wheel. The glazing techniques I have developed require multiple firing with an application of additional glazes or metallic compounds between each firing.





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